If yesterday's theme was transportation, today's theme is looking like parking. Yay! The reason is because we have not just one, but two (two!) stories involving parking.

First up is Matier & Ross writing how beating up parking officers is the new black. Four officers have been attacked over the past few weeks. There's been a spitting, an arm dislocation, a window shattering and our personal favorite, some guy who punched through the window shield of the parking officer's car and then hit the officer in the face three times.

Next up is a way to possibly avoid all that anger, pre-paid parking passes. The deal is you pay a certain amount of money at the start of the month and then use the cards to pay for parking. The whole thing is turning into a whopping success. The card works by allowing people to use them in parking meters and swiping the card through, like how one uses an ATM. You can use them on over 23,000 meters in the city. For more details, just check out the story. And you can see where you can pick some up here.