You may recall a bunch of bitching in our last review -- the short reminder is NOBODY WENT HOME. Well, as some even predicted, this week made up for that (at least in terms of numbers) by sending two of the chef-testants home. Obvious foreshadowing by the show's editors: Josie telling the camera's that she and Marisa are the only ones that trust each other. Hmph.

But we're jumping the gun.

Best thing about this episode was the guest judge, Michelle Bernstein. We luuurve her. Never tried her cooking, but we saw her on Iron Chef: America once, and she has such a nice smile, good attitude, and cute personality. We know we've said this about many of the women on this show (Gail, Elia, etc), but this time we really mean it: . mb.jpg

And she seemed reasonably straightforward and on-target with her judgments of the Quickfire (immunity) Challenge, wherein the contestants had to take what are (to the American mind) the "leftover" parts of animals and turn them into something good.

During the cooking process, Betty says something about how Marcel looks like a vampire. Duh, Betty; he looks like an anime character, not Dracula.

In any case, Marisa gets the first compliment we recall for her beef cheek pasta. Josie is dinged, as is Elia for evidently neglecting to clean the kidneys she used in her dish. Elia's P.O.'d. Sam, Cliff, and Ilan are cited as being the best three by Chef Bernstein; Sam is the winner with some sort of sweetbread beignets with a Chinese 5-spice/soy.

The Elimination Challenge is to cook a many-course meal for a party being thrown by actress Jennifer Coolidge. While we'd love to bag on Michael for proclaiming her to be "Stiffler's mom," we must admit we couldn't place her until he said that. Of course, one of our favorite lines in any movie is hers in "A Mighty Wind" about the trains ("If they didn't have the model trains, they wouldn't have gotten the idea for the big trains" . . . it's funnier when she delivers it).