Ohmeed Popal, the hit-and-run SUV driver who rampaged through Pacific and Laurel Heights about three months ago, has been deemed sufficiently sane to be tried for 18 counts of attempted murder in San Francisco court. Popal's PD reported that Popal's mental health has markedly improved after they changed his medication. In court, Popal was reported to have smiled and greeted his family as he was brought in. However, Popal did not enter a formal plea -- that date is now set for Dec. 5.

The Popal family was upset by the ruling about Popal's mental fitness and refused to comment to reporters afterwards, but two representatives of two victims (one who just checked out of the hospital last month, and the other of whom is now a quadriplegic), who have filed a civil suit against Popal and his parents, told the media they were pleased with the ruling and hope that justice will be served.

Map by CBS 5 of the locations of Popal's hit and runs on August 29, 2006.