We’ve got our things-to-be-thankful-for list ready. Easy peasy! One item shines a bit brighter than others. That would be hanging out with author/chef/TV personality Tony "Cast Iron Stomach" Bourdain after his City Arts & Lectures sold out ($19 a ticket) conversation with Isabel Duffy on Monday night.

Some of the meatiest tidbits/quotes Tony offered while chatting with Ms. Duffy?

--He couldn’t get over how sweet, nice, and great the US Marine Corps were when he was recently evacuated from Beirut. He later elaborated to us that they were young men (ages mostly 18-22) with the best manners.

--One of the reasons he ended his relationship with the Food Network is they didn’t want any more shows where "people talk funny."

--Eating good food leads to sex, hell yes. Well, at least it should. (We think he’s smart to recognize this one! Who doesn’t want to get laid?!?)

--Watching a family butcher, gut, and eat a seal was truly one of the most heartwarming scenes, once you get past the preconceived notion of what a meal looks like. Seeing a family that close was something to behold.

More insights, and then SFist Mary takes Bourdain out to dinner (!!!) -- after the jump!