According to the organizers, one just has to think of peace while having an orgasm at some point of the day-- it doesn't matter when. It also doesn't matter with who as there's plenty of ways of having the big O without a plus one, although it would be a shame to lose the chance to use as a line "come on, baby, let's have sex and end war." How could that not work?

Now, here comes the science. According to the site, Princeton has a "Global Consciousness Project" that measures a whole bunch of things that we don't understand in order to determine if changes in consciousness can really, as they say "effect change." So far, they haven't really proven anything although they can point to some data that says something does happen. So, the point of all this is to have the meter go off the charts and see what happens. It's kind of like an X-Rated "Ghostbusters II."

You know, this is the kind of thing that explains why the left isn't really able to "effect change." And not just because it's just plain silly. It's just that the right works by telling everyone to either vote Republican or they won't be called up during the Rapture. That might be silly too but at least it makes people vote.