Pot decriminalization: Passed the bill and pass the roach.
Styrofoam in restaurants: Buh-bye
Foot patrols: Better luck next time, Gavin.


Big winners? Dope Smokers! Big losers: Gavin, the SFPD, the POA and pot smokers. Why? Because getting the munchies just got a little bit more complicated. In summary, then we'll have more cops enacting fewer laws but in an environmental way. Or something like that.

The big vote, of course, was the one on of foot patrols. It was 7-3 last time and needed to have at least eight in order to be overrode. It did. The person who flipped was Aaron Peskin who came down on the side of the Board. Oh, and Jake McGoldrick who missed the previous vote voted for the bill. Guess those rumors weren't so true now were they.

We'll have full reaction and comments and all that tomorrow after the dust settles in. Gavin's not having the best of weeks now is he?