We are so sorry that the collective we of SFist missed this year's South Asian Film Festival by Third i -- due to an unfortunate confluence of reviewers being out of town, a baby shower, and people getting sick, none of us got a chance to see: a documentary about an Indian customer service call center, a movie about Asian Dub Foundation, a Bollywood feature, and the classic curry western Sholay. We're totally kicking ourselves (though we hope our reviewers get well soon!)

Even though we missed the festivities, the nice folks at the Third i sent us a picture of their opening night party -- here's the filmmakers we didn't get to meet in person (sigh). We promise to do better next year, Third i!

(l-r) Alka Raguram (The Ant and The Monkey), Saqib Mausoof (Hansot By The Bay), Runjan Dhar (Loops & "MuZak"), Neshma or Single Beige Female (My Beige Foot), Tania Chattopadhyay (The Flight), Kirthi Nath & Amanda Davidson (Come on, Big Empty).