Did we mention that we know we're wrong?

Nevertheless what happens here is more important because while the possible defeat of George Allen will be a good thing because it'll make us less embarrassed to be an American, it won't do a damn thing about our schools. And while the eminent clobbering of Rick Santorum fills us with deep joy, it won't do a thing to clean our streets, stop all the violence, or make rents cheaper.

So, what we're saying is vote. Seriously, vote. You might not care and you might think it's essentially a battle between a douche and a turd, but still vote. If only because it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you tried. And it gives you the smugness of knowing you were one of the estimated 38% of the population who cared.

So, dear reader, what can you expect from SFist tomorrow? We'll be (hopefully) providing an ongoing diary of a poll worker as she sits around watching people come in and do their civic duty. Is it boring? Is it fulfilling? Will she be told to throw the results into the Bay?

And starting at 8, we'll provide live updates, that is, if our illin' DSL will let us.

Finally, SFist is not providing any sort of handy-dandy endorsement guide like the Bay Guardian does (this might be a surprise to some of you, but we really don't endorse candidates or support one over the other. We just want them to give us fun things to write about). But if you still need some election help, we'll give you our handy-dandy election recap/guide after the jump.