Sometimes, the GLBs can be a little mean when it comes to the Ts. Oh, sure, it's fine to be a butch lez or a fairy, but the minute you start taking hormones you're something exotic. In , David's just barely open enough to date a transitioning cutie named Ethan. David's curiosity is tactless, but their shared love of The Simpsons buoys the evening. And just as David is grasping desperately to explain why he's afraid to spend the night, Ethan erases his hesitation with the magic words that all diplomats ought to learn: "I have a strap-on."

We loved every minute, with the possible exception of a spit-take that's so hastily drawn it looks like someone's vomiting up Spiderman webbing. Man Enough's power lies in its quick, snappy dialogue, particularly when coupled with sensitive, unassuming characters. Yay. And as a bonus, the book also has a short story set in a porny videostore, where you can reconstruct your customers' damaged psyches with a single glance at their rental history. We used to work in just such a setting, and we can tell you that we had no choice but to judge every horrible secret lurking deep in each and every naughty customer. We still have nightmares. Some scary, some hot.

Man Enough