Well, the post went up, and we were promptly contacted by the Guardian themselves, who (rather forcefully) clarified that the candidates paid for the , not for the endorsements. The Guardian endorses in an independent process, and then allows candidates to promote that endorsement by printing up mailers and door hangers. The Guardian does not accept money for its endorsements.

SFist, through its editorial staff, apologizes profusely for the mixup, wants to reassure everyone that this was a bona fide misunderstanding of the situation on our part, and is running this corrected post as a result.

However, because the coverup is always worse than the crime, and because now everyone's morbid curiosity has probably been piqued about the original post, we've included SFist MattyMatt's original post after the jump (in strikethrough, so there's no mixup about the intent), and left all the comments as they were before.

Okay, something cheerful after all that! Hey, did you vote yet?