Why did the appearance of the Sisters upset people? Because it's "a direct affront to Jesus Christ," said Nick Andrade, the Parish Council president at Holy Redeemer. He then took it to the next level by saying "it’s the equivalent of using a Jewish space to host an Adolf Hitler look-alike contest." Ummm...hyperbole much?

The bingo game wasn't your traditional bingo game either-- it was "Revival Bingo" which is like bingo except with spanking, booze, and the Sisters. It's held every month and the bingo usually brings in about $3000 a month to go to charities and has grown so big, the Sisters moved it from it's usual spot to the Holy Redeemer spot. Now, they are spot-less and will be for the foreseable future.

And yes, the church has every right to decide who can use their space but shouldn't they have known before hand who was involved? The Sisters, meanwhile, are refunding tickets and hoping that the ticket refunds will go to the charities that would have gotten the money. They are also searching for a new place to spank bingo players.

Update-- Sister Mable Syrup has e-mailed us and wanted everyone to know that despite claims posted here, there is no alcohol or drugs involved in Revival Bingo. Spanking, however, does occur