Other blogs discussing the situation were the Chron's NWSCHIK blog (does that stand for "Newschick?") and SF MetBlogs. MetBlogs also sent us to the LGBT blog Pam's House Blend.

Some other folks making some interesting points include: SF Party Party, which notes that, among other things, if we can't handle a 3-hour party, how are we going to handle the Olympics? (The new Chron Local News Blog talks about this too. You may remember the blogger writing their entry!). The Bay Guardian also weighs in, with Steven Jones breaking his editorial silence on issues relating to Alix Rosenthal to talk about what he saw.

On the "close it all down" side of the debate, the lovably-curmudgeonly folks on the SF Wall and SFJunto are talking as well. There's also a number of conversations on the Local Politics Craigslist board, but we must confess that we don't usually read that particular forum well enough to describe their position on the matter.

And finally, on the totally depressing side, we were sent a link to what the homophobes are saying about the event. No matter where you fall on the Dufty v. Rosenthal debate on yesterday's debacle, we can probably all agree that none of us are interested in having that type of discussion around here.

Picture from CBS 5 of the scene on Market and 16th today.

Are we missing the conversations you've been following? Let us know of any other ones you've seen in the comments!