Everyone goes through phases where they think: am I to think that I can afford to live in this city any longer? You spend so much for these teeny-weeny houses, the public schools are so tough to navigate, wouldn't it be nice to have a yard? But then you look at how nice the view is, and how awesome the people are, and how great our neighborhoods are, and you either think, how could I ever leave this place? or you think, hello San Carlos.

Well, those of us still on the "how could I leave this place" side, use all your powers of persuasion to keep Mike from the Potrero Hill SF blog in the 415! Mike's worried that he won't be able to get his two children into the Mandarin immersion program at Starr King Elementary in his neighborhood because the school district may not be able to keep enough kids enrolled in it to keep it open, and his family's starting to outgrow their house.

Mike forwarded his post along to us in the hopes that we'd post about the need to get a strong school board in place to encourage families to stay in the city -- which is certainly true -- but please also use this opportunity to hassle Mike until he agrees to stay in Potrero Hill! Who else could we get to explain the District 10 election to us if he leaves?