I guess the first question should be is what is your reaction to critics who say you don't vote progessive enough for a progessive district?

Many people view the Board of Supervisors in the context of a 7-4 split. For me, I try to evaluate each issue and make my own judgment or decision.

In many cases I have been the swing vote which determines whether the Mayor can oppose a measure.

On the landmark Universal Health Care Plan, I came out strongly for the plan once the Universal Health Care Council issued its recommendations on merging Supervisor Ammiano's employer mandate legislation with the Mayor's Health Access Plan. The combined measure is far stronger in offering access to 82,000 individuals without health coverage rather than the 16,000 covered with simply employer-mandate.

When Labor and Health Advocates had my support it changed the dynamics for the issue and ultimately led to a great measure that was supported by all eleven Supervisors.

There have been other issues such as planning controls on Chain Stores, and Matt Gonzalez' roommate legislation where my support put it beyond a veto. I think the Mayor is doing a great job but I speak and vote my conscience on issues.