The big day's nearly upon us, and so many questions remain unanswered: when's the party start? How's it going to end? Is there going to be extra Muni running to the event in the Castro, or extra parking? Who's paying for it? What streets'll be closed? How many cops and EMTs will be there? Any officers on horseback? What's the plan for the unofficial Castro Halloween party happening Saturday night? What happens when the crowd refuses to leave at 11pm? We posed all those questions (and more!) to Bevan, and so far, he's responded thusly:

" "

So, uh, your guess is as good as ours. The only thing we know for sure is that Bevan's somehow to blame for cold rainy weather. Meanwhile, the official website finally went up yesterday, with details as scant as our sexy-blogger costume (a jockstrap and a barrel of silicon lubricant). We can tell you this much: BRING. A. CAMERA. Whatever goes down this Saturday night at the "real" party, and next Tuesday night at the Official Castro Halloween, it's surely going to be fun to watch.

Tag your Flickr pix of the evening with "SFist" and they'll get picked up by our automatic SFist hot tip monitoring doodad. Can't wait to see what kinda trouble you kids get yourselves into.