Alix is an attorney and civil servant, known for her love of burning man, her advocacy for SF's handgun ban, and for being of a generally lefty-artsy disposition. And with BeyondChron pointing out that Bevan's voting record has aligned chiefly with the conservative Supes, the D8 race has turned into a sort of battle of personalities -- Bevan's always been a fun guy, but Alix has wacky fundraisers that are wacky! She's pro-partying! Whee!

So, Alix: What was it that made you decide to run?

I decided to run because I have been watching San Francisco lose its artists, families and middle class, and City Hall isn’t doing enough to keep housing affordable. MUNI service is in decline - it needs to be faster and more reliable. I am also running because a global environmental crisis is looming - city government needs to start taking bold steps to fight global warming. I was propelled into the race after Bevan voted against two pieces of solid environmental legislation earlier this year.

Bevan is focused on responding to citizen complaints – and solving problems one at a time after they occur. District 8 deserves leadership that solves and prevents problems hundreds at a time, with creative, broad-based solutions.