Shara has completed the arduous SFist interview process and, among other things will inspire you to go to Coney Island, if not the rest of NYC. If you haven’t managed to secure a ticket for the sold out shows, keep trying on craigslist. Make sure to arrive at the show early-- My Brightest Diamond is known for their soulful show, and costumes (somehow a show in the Bay Area in October just isn’t complete without a costume, eh?). Trust us, you’ll be telling the kiddies you ‘saw them when’.

Best show you've ever played and what made it great?
After a show last fall in Paris, a jazz pianist named Charlie O. came to the stage and started playing while we were clearing up. The room was dark, and only the club workers and the band were there. We began dancing and scatting along to Charlie's playing, calling him to do more encores for us. He insisted that someone sing with him, so I sang "La vie en rose" and it was definitely one of the most special and spontaneous musical moments for me.

Best venue in the world?
Spiegel tent. It's a traveling circus tent in the shape of a circle. There are a million little mirrors inside and the floor is made of concentric wooden octagons.

Best fans in the world?
My brother.

What's your favorite song to perform?
"Feelin' Good" by Nina Simone

Favorite collaborators?
This question is like asking me what my favorite ice cream is. I like all
of them for different reasons. Clogs, Pedestrian, Alias, Jon Rodgers, Adam Matta, Earl Harvin.

Lamest request made at a show?
The song title starts with the letter "F". Can you guess?

Photo by Sarah Small