The reason for Tower going under is they got bought by Great American Group who decided to liquidate and sell of the company, something that makes no sense to us, that being buying something just so you liquidate it, but we suck at economics. It was pretty inevitable anyways as between Virgin Records, Amoeba Records, Amazon, and iTunes, nobody really goes into CD stores anymore unless it's either super-huge (Virgin) or super-cool (Amoeba). We haven't bought anything music related that exists on a physical plane since we bought our Powerbook last year.

The story in the Examiner has the usual sob stories from customers and residents of North Beach who saw the Tower store as iconic and will miss it. In a way, we're feeling the same way. There was a point in our life in which most of our music collection came from that Tower and we remember standing in line for hours with 102 fever to get tickets for U2's ZooTV tour too. We can also remember the mayhem that occurred the night Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I and II were released. But we can also say we haven't stepped foot in that store in over ten years. We'll miss their badly painted representations of current releases but, all we can say about them closing is oh well.

That and they better not put a GAP or Starbucks in that place.

Image from the Examiner