But anyways, to make a long story short, this guy gets on at Haight Street and tells the driver he's only going to go for a stop or two because he's just looking for somebody. The driver lets him on. It's pretty obvious that the guy who got on is a little on the crazy side, not homeless-crazy, but more like still-functioning-and-normal-looking-but-did-a-little-too-much-acid-in-the-60’s crazy.

He doesn’t get off at the next stop but as the bus pulls away, he starts yelling "back door! back door!", doing SFist MUNI Peeve #3, that being people who don't get up in enough time to leave and so rush through the back of the bus knocking everyone over and holding the bus up. It turns out the guy dropped his wallet while standing up and by the time he finally retrieved it, the bus started moving again. The driver, a big dude who previously stared down some kid who entered the back of the bus, tells him no, he won't stop because if he did, he'll get off schedule and be late.