Perhaps it's golden-silly dialogue like "I've sworn many oaths in my day, to every being from Hoggath to Watoomb... but the first oath I swore was the Hippocratic." It's all just so freaking INSANE. In issue one, Doctor Strange receives a near-fatal gunshot wound, and as Night Nurse races to heal him, he appears above his body as an astral projection to harass her about her cape. He's just been to Dimension Pi, you see, where he fought a god of pain shaped like a cat who might guard a mystical cure for brain tumors ... oh, it's all just too ridiculous to even summarize. It's pure pulpy unassuming fun, the stuff of legendary campfire stories, and every meticulously absurd word fills us with glee.

After the jump: we complain about , and also a blah war-comic called Other Side.