The proposal, however, was squashed by the Board of Supes who were not big fans of the idea. Now, we heard a story about this on KCBS where we heard a bunch of Supes, including Aaron Peskin, complain about the hike for obvious reasons, mainly that it's already frickin' expensive to hop in a cab and it would make it more frickin' expensive. But the only story we could find on this is in the Examiner, which has the Supes squashing it for another reason, mainly that the taxi cab commission is currently working on a health plan for cab drivers and the Supes don't want a fare hike until the health care plan is finalized. The reason being is that they're afraid there will be another fare hike needed when the health plan is proposed.

Cab fares are already some of the most expensive in the country, even more expensive than in New York and Chicago and why do we have the most expensive cab fares? Why is everything in this city so damn expensive? Won't somebody think of the commuters?