Yesterday, on Treasure Island, the Governator pretty much gave an example of just why he's crushing Phil Angelides in the polls. With San Francisco in the background, Gavin Newsom and Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez at his side, and Bush's poodle Tony Blair live via video feed, the Governator signed a bill making California the toughest state on carbon dioxide and other gases emissions. Hell, maybe the toughest locale ever. But wait, that's not all. He will also sign a bill later this week that will forbid state electric utilities from buying electricity from high-polluting plants elsewhere.

Basically, the bill says the state must reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases by twenty-five percent by 2020. If followed, it'll mean business, industry, government, housing, everything in the state will have to change its ways to make things comply. So in order for everyone to comply, there will have to be wholesale changes to the way we in the state do things-- more public transportation, better development plans, implementation of alternative energy. It's an environmentalists' wet dream.

How this will work is that by 2008, the Air Resources Board, will make every industry in the state report just how many gasses they are emitting (insert fart joke here-- you know you want to). From that, they will then figure out some sort of game plan. It will also set up a trade system that will allow a company to buy and sell emission credits. You know, like if they have low emissions, they could trade it to a company with high emissions for money and a player to be named later. This will make it in companies interest to have low emissions because they can sell those credits off and make even more money. Everybody wins.

And yes, this sounds all great, but there is of course making it all happen. We're sure there's a whole bunch of lobbyists and lawyers with big, huge grins on their faces knowing that this whole thing is about to make them even richer than before. Countdown for the first lawsuit begins now.

Also in Green News, Bill Lockyer announced last week that California was going to sue the Big 6 automakers over their gas emissions. The car companies, as you can imagine, are not happy.

Oh, and since we can't do one post about Arnie without at least making fun of him, here's a video of him on the Dating Game from 1974.