Ambulances have been called, special tools are being used to extract the car, and bus bridges haven't yet been in put into place. Here's the first word we've seen online.

There was also some kind of BART delay this morning, but we have no idea what that was about -- except that all the trains looked really crowded and they had the special message on the BART screens set off with lines of asterisks, which we now recognize as an Official Bad Sign.

Update: The car on the Caltrain tracks was a Civic that stalled on the tracks at Churchill Road. The driver fled the car when the flashing lights went on and is safe, but the car is (obviously) totalled. No ETA on when Caltrain service will resume. The car was hit by a northbound Baby Bullet a little after 8 a.m. They're assessing the damage to the train as we speak.