What we want to point out is that even our traditional calendar summer was much more temperate than average. There's something about human societal relationship with the weather that causes people to complain as soon as the weather is as bad as normal or worse, though you almost never hear anyone say something like, "it's not as bad as it normally is." July, for example, had the fewest fog-enshrouding days we can remember. August was typical, with more cold foggy days than not, but nothing worse than typical.

Exceptions must be offered for our extreme coastal denizens (Yo Outer Sunset! What up Pacifica?) but city-wide the last three months has been a quarter we should really cherish, or at least not forget on the chance winter rains arrive in November or snow fall are below normal in the Sierras. We will say that'll all be a lot easier if October continues this Septembers' trend of great weather, but let's not be greedy, we all saw what irrational exuberance did to this city before ;>