.....well, hooray! He's back! Slipped into your Saturday paper, there's a report that Daly, the current head of the budget and finance committee, has told Gavin Newsom's aide Noelle Simmons (we're sure he would have told Gavin himself, if Gavin were in fact ever around) that he would be putting a hold on her request for $2.5 million in police overtime money until the mayor could demonstrate that he had an actual real plan to reduce violence in the city.

Simmons says she's been trying to meet with Daly to discuss this for ages but he won't call her back. Daly says he doesn't think overtime alone is going to solve the city's policing problems, and also thinks it's weird that Newsom's making such a big deal out of sending 12 year olds home by midnight when it probably won't solve anything either. (Does this current fight have something to do with the police department's refusal to agree to more foot patrols, maybe?)

The overtime budget request now can't be heard until October 11. Is it too much to hope for that we'll get a fight about this every day until then? The Political Junkie column is jonesing for a fix!