It's Week Three of the National Football League's 2006 regular season. Here's what happening with your Niners and Raiders.

* Philadelphia vs. San Francisco
Sunday, September 24, 2006. 1:15 PM, PST.
Week 03
The Battle Of The Tee-Owned

Jeff Garcia is comin' back to town with the Eagles. A good local son, he's still worthy being considered Gilroy's second favorite export.

There's been plenty of mentions made about the fact that Garcia and Philly's franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb can swap stories about how Terrell Owens threw them under the bus. In a Chris Webber-like way, Owens helped contributed to death-spiral seasons for both the Niners and Eagles.

And poor Jeff. He deserved better then the walking papers that the foolhardy former 49ers General Manager Terry Donahue gave him while Donahue was busy ruining the team in 2004. Y'know, after he's done with the Eagles, Jeff would be a great fit to mentor Alex Smith after current QB/Yoda Trent Dilfer retires.

Anyways, the Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a loss to the New York American Football Giants last week wherein Philly couldn't finish the game after being ahead by two touchdowns. The Giants came back and won. At least someone's Giants are doing OK. Ours disappoint.

"The Eagles had a thorough whooping on the Giants for the majority of the game," said American Football Spectacular's Philadelphia correspondent Phil Deepthroat, "That does two things: [It] shows that we're one of the top teams in the NFC, and [PHI Head Coach Andy] Reid will most likely not make that mistake again playing so conservatively when placed in that situation, assuming we'll get there in the first place."

We don't know if Philly can yet claim a return to the top of the NFC, but the team is obviously far removed from last season's utter catastrophe of ten losses.

By SFist Christopher Rogers for "American Football Spectacular," contributing