Editor & Publisher reported that the t-less "SFiS" will feature writing by SFisT cult fave society writer C-Big, fashion editor Sylvia Rubin, and feature writer Carolyne Zinko -- and it was supposed to launch today, Sept. 21, with 100,000 copies going to home subscribers of the Chron, and an additional 100,000 going to "hotels, boutiques, and other shopping destinations." Chron exec. editor Phil Bronstein told E&P:

SFiS reflects a great piece of San Francisco's personality, style, and uniqueness. Like the city itself, SFiS will be a destination for people who want to wrap themselves in the texture and elegant spirit of this place.

We'd like to wrap ourselves in the texture and elegant spirit of SFiS! So where's our copy in today's paper? Well -- it turns out we don't live in a sufficiently textured or elegant part of town to warrant a free copy. Whaaaaaa? Hey, houses in our zip code go for a lot of money too, you know! You're mean, Phil Bronstein!

We're we won't be able to run an SFiS by the Numbers. And how will Gothamist LLC file its trademark infringement lawsuit if we don't have a copy of the magazine to attach to our federal complaint?*

Did any of you guys get an SFiS? Can someone please please pretty please tell us what it looked like so we can start getting ready to mock?

We had to make an SFiS picture, because we can't find any on the web and, as you know, we didn't get a copy of our very own to lovingly photograph and upload.

*Kidding, kidding about the lawsuit thing! See legal mumbo jumbo after the jump.