SFist Mary gives us the tasty carne asada filling to the Chron's grand tour of burrito joints in town!

News flash: Chronicle's Bill Addison eats lots of tacos and burritos as "research." Today's San Francisco Chronicle Food section has updated takes on the Bay Area's taqueria scene. As usual, we're interested in what they have to say, and no, it's not just because we used to be a slave in their test kitchen when we were in cooking school!

Taquerias can be fun to discuss and debate but watch out! Everyone has their own opinion. Our wallets especially love them, and we live in the Mission, where we are able to do our own "trial by taqueria" tasting and experimenting. However, we feel it's best to take Burritoeater's approach of alternating days (up to three, if possible) between taqueria visits.

Burritoeater's method keeps our palates and stomachs balanced and fresh. That seems to be a better way to analyze food, and echoes training we had as a food judge.

So, we feel it's flat out crazy to think Chron scribe Bill Addison ate at 85 taquerias in 10 weeks, otherwise calculated at 70 days. That means little or no breaks between visit days and MORE THAN ONE TAQUERIA VISIT PER DAY. Our former food judge bosses might just faint from exasperation and anger over that one. We have to wonder if Michael Bauer is ever forced to eat the same type of potentially spicy or otherwise overpowering food more than once in the same day without any palate breaks.

With a potentially polluted palate, we aren't sure we can fully trust Addison's methodology and reporting. But since we have been to almost all of Addison's Top 20 Taquerias, and he has other judging criteria such as the all-important meat factor: "sittin' on the steam table or freshly made?"

We'll dig in without further ado. We are indeed suckers for taquerias.

SFist Mary's review of Addison's methodology after the jump!