Well, look who's in imminent danger of violating the curfew for the kids under 13! Here's a picture of Gavin Newsom cutting a rug at District 4 candidate Doug Chan's kickoff event, first located by -- you got it -- commenter ThatChick!

Okay, here's the informative section: Doug Chan's running against Fiona Ma's aide Jaynry Mak for the District 4 seat (Fiona seems to be hedging her bets and has endorsed both of them.) Chan is known for his outspoken opposition to affirmative action programs that favor other minorities over Chinese-Americans (he opposed programs to increase diversity at the SF public magnet school Lowell High, but is okay with programs that help Chinese-Americans in business).

Most recently, Chan was named to the SF Police Commission in 2004 in a package with former PD Peter Keane, where the two of them subsequently were the only two votes against the firing of the police officer who broke a woman's arm in anti-war protests.