Sounds like the Guilfency are having some Fashion Week woes, anyways -- their front-row seats at the Sunday Sari Gueron show that Eric was sponsoring were stolen by two brazen teenage girls, and security had to be called when the girls refused to give nine-months-pregnant Kimberly's own seat back to her -- despite the fact that Kimmie was in three-inch heels. That can't be good for your back at 38 weeks along!

Never fear, we'll be monitoring the wires for news of the newest addition to the Guilfoyle family to hit -- but for the real scoop, we'll be checking out W Magazine, which is scheduled to run a story about the former Mrs. Gavin Newsom and the new Mr. Kimberly Guilfoyle in its October issue. Here's a teaser from it for you!

"I do this Vanilla Ice dance for [Eric]. When I put on my ring and my earrings, I go, 'Ice Ice Baby, duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.'"