So this week, Time Magazine has a big feature on our very own Congressperson. Wonkette already summed up the gist of the article, but they did miss the fun fact that she likes to watch MTV late at night when she can't sleep. That would explain the PelosiInDaHouze" who always posts on the Television Without Pity "Laguna Beach" boards.

Truth is, the article is pretty lame, your basic boiler plate article on Nancy that appears to be written by someone who took three or four articles already written about her and just rearranged the paragraphs. It's the kind of article that makes you root for the bloggers to put a stake through the heart of the MSM. Case in point is this line, describing Pelosi as "the Democrats' version of Tom DeLay, minus the ethical and legal problems of the former Republican House leader." Which is like saying that Nickelback is like the White Stripes minus the art-school pretense and indie-rock/purist aesthetic.

The article basically makes a big deal out of the fact she's seen as "very liberal" and "very partisan" throughout the political world, something which should cause eyes to roll from one end of the Mission to the other. After all, it's not like she's tried to end global warming by dancing about it.

Anyways, we find one thing of interest in the article, that if Nance were to win, she'd be third in line to the Presidency. So, if the Dems take over and do what our Board of Supes want them to do and impeach the President, then impeach Cheney because you can't impeach one without the other, well, hello President Pelosi.

Rock on.