As we mentioned here before, the Bay Bridge eastbound will be closed Labor
Day weekend. For those of us who live East of the Edenic S.F., here are some
cultural offerings on this side of the Bay.

Saturday, September 2 - Old Time Relijun and Trumans Water play the Stork Club in Oakland. Old Time Relijun "blend primitive swamp stomp 'n swagger meets gutsy f***ked up free jazz and throat singing punk gospel;" all three sound appealing. Trumans Water are from San Diego and have a song called "Aroma of Gina Arnold," the Gina Arnold, Bay Area rock critic whose questionable relevance and navel gazing made for great letters to the editor ... kinda like Joel Selvin, but readers reviled Gina more.

After the jump -- Sunday and Monday in the East Bay.

East Bay SFist Sarah L doesn't care about the stupid Bay Bridge being closed down this weekend!