Contra Costa Times columnist, Sarah Jacobson, writes about a raccoon cocktail party on the front porch of her Pittsburg home in the wee hours of the morning.And while we would disagree with Ms. Jacobson about the adequacy of local nightlife in Eastern CoCo County, we do feel for her and the violation of the sanctity of her sleep, grape vines and cat food dish.

And for the obligatory third item, celebrated (i.e. from NYC) noise band, Japanther did not perform as scheduled at West Oakland's LoBot Gallery last Wednesday, due to a PoPo intervention. Oakland Police responded to the usual complaints about warehouse shows - late night noise and loitering with barely concealed containers of alcohol - and shut down the show just prior to Japanther's set. Irony of ironies, the show was also a benefit for the Prisoner's Literature Project, leading a fellow blogger to comment, "It's not bad enough that the 5-0s gotta send all these dudes to the hooskow for all their days, now they can't even let us help get some F. Scott Fitzgerald up in that bitch."

SFist Sarah L, contributing.