OK, maybe "beneath" isn't the right choice of words. One needs to take into consideration that this isn't "American Idol," and that these contestants tend to have many, many years of performance experience behind them. Storm's been up in Portland having some success there, but who can blame her for wanting some national exposure, even if it is to be gained by performing for a bunch of assholes who are, apparently, not even listening half the time, because seriously. Did you hear how they trashed her on last night's show? She was stuck singing "I Will Survive"--a disco song, with the added disadvantage of it being acoustic night--and she pretty much kicked the song's ass, and all of the has-been rockers that are judging the comp hated it. Idiots.

Perhaps we are taking it a little personally because we want our (former) local girl to win it. You can watch the performance after the jump, and if you don't think it was "sauteed in wrong sauce" then go over to the "Rock Star" site and give her a vote.