at Eureka Theater
Oh yes, yes! Finally, someone made a musical spoof of this classic porn flick. Because we were getting really tired of Rocky Horror. An off-Broadway hit (that was also big in Australia, apparently), Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical makes its San Francisco debut, courtesy of Stroke of Genius Productions. (Hmm, ya think someone created the company just for this show?) Actually, a few Ray of Light people are behind all this, namely Eli Newsom (the director here) and Christy McIntosh (as Debbie herself), both of Bat Boy fame. (Bat Boy is returning soon, by the way, is case you were unlucky enough to miss it last year.) Complete with a MySpace profile, Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical gets our vote for next not-to-be-missed underground musical, a blast for everyone, whether you have carnal knowledge of the film or not. And, late-night Saturday performances are "theme nights." End you summer with a bang.
Playing August 17 through September 3

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Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical