This final, fabulous* weekend, Peaches will be bringing us the canonical work , as well as the theatrical world premiere of Trannie Dearest!, "A fully original play written by Heklina and Peaches Christ." We're grinning just thinking about it. The film and performances are this Friday and Saturday at (duh) midnight, at the lovely Bridge Theatre.

Enter below to win a pass for you and a guest to Friday or Saturday night's shows. Server problems, blah blah blah if you get an error message, don't freak out -- we promise we got your entry.

*It's so very tired to use the word "fabulous" in a post about a drag queen, but, honestly, it's the only term that adequately describes Midnight Mass. Curses upon all who have overused "fabulous" to the point where it has become such a pedestrian adjective.

Mommie Dearest