It's been a while since we published a tech roundup. But the Internet turned 15 last Sunday, we got a new laptop from an entrepreneur and friend who'll be enabling this 'Fister's addiction to blogging, and SFist Chuck, whom we dearly miss, was kidnapped by Disney, who force him to Imagineer at gunpoint. All the while, you've been lost in the unmapped multiverse, wondering who and TechCrunch are, and which is the hipper one to name drop when asking your IT department for help (; anxious about the hygenic example set for the children by superstar CEOs in the valley (they're terrible); and, dude, what's up with MySpace? 'Cuz there's, you know, awesome bands and some serious hotties, which are cool, but there's also, like, ads that install viruses, and that Tom guy, who's totally creepy.

So our old column, or at least it's bitchin' title, has been thawed out after nearly a year of cryogenically induced suspended animation, and will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday. The schedule was certainly less than regular in the past, but now we have a 30Boxes calendar, which is synched to our Upcoming listings, so that email, RSS and SMS reminders for guilt trip us into meeting our deadlines instead of blowing them off for VC-funded, PR-organized, free booze mixers. Needless to say

So we present our new tech roundup, with an old title, by an even older 'Fister. Don't worry, this will be the last long-winded intro. From now on, we'll focus on posting links to as many cute geeks in their natural habitat as we can find, exploring their world, and hopefully work towards a better understanding of their mysterious ways.