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6 year old kid: "Why don't they trip when we get in the back door?"
20ish acquaintance: 'They don't care none, they still getting paid. Would you trip?"
6 year old kid: "Not if I get paid."
-- From Mark/On the 15

Strip club barker: "Naked girls and air conditioning, what could be nicer?"
-- From Jackson/On a sultry stretch of Broadway

Two older women discussing their mutual friend: "She has my teeth. I know she's wearing them, and they don't fit anymore."
-- At John's Grill

A panhandler sitting on the sidewalk asks a guy walking by: "Spare any change."
Guy shakes his head and walks on.
Panhandler: "You've got a nice ass."
-- From Anthony/South corner of the Ramade on Market

Yupster: "Do you think this place is going to play 'Jessie's Girl?'"
-- From Jackson/At a swank sushi bar downtown.