When we staggered in their unmarked doors last night, the only thing we were scanning the crowd for was a fresh vodka and soda -- but our eyes alit on a strangely familar shaggy red head. While we first thought that we were recognizing an old friend from summer camp, we realized that we were looking at a friend (though, sadly, not a Friend) from TV. That's right, we were looking at Tyler MacNiven, one half of Team Hippie, the winning team from the most recent season of everyone's favorite "The World Is America's Playground" reality competition, "The Amazing Race."

We know San Francisco's a pretty small town, but we figured that if we ran into one of these self-proclaimed hippies, we'd see them blowing some of their 500 K at Rainbow Grocery or Feel Real Cafe, not a bar that seems to make its way into every issue of Paper City, 7x7, and San Francisco Magazine. Guess that shows how much we know.

Later that evening we slurrred to the club's owner that "that red Amazing Race guy was here", to which he cooly replied "yeah, he's been in here a few times." Well, of course he has.

Two minutes of solid Googling didn't get us a picture of Tyler (the red head) alone. We considered cutting BJ out of this photo, since we didn't see him, but then we remembered how much it pissed us off when our ex posted a personal ad photo that we used to be in, so BJ stays.