You know how in the newspaper biz whenever a celebrity or person of note becomes old and frail and obituaries are written beforehand so they can rush it onto the newswire the moment that person kicks the bucket? Well, we had started writing one up about Barry being indicted just because everyone was so sure that he was about to be indicted.

He wasn't.

There goes ten minutes of work that included our lengthy analysis of what would come next, full of plenty of snide comments aimed at Bud Selig, as well as trenchant analysis of the almost Shakespearean fall of Barry and the Giants and one more raging against the hypocrisies of it all. But we don't have to do it anymore. Instead, we can just go back to wondering if the yesterday's rally from being down 6-1 to win 7-6 (witnessed by a sun fried SFist) is maybe possibly the start of the Big Run, especially as the first place Whale Vagina Padres are in town for a four day series.

Nope, this doesn't meet Barry is off the hook, but it means that l'affaire du Barry will continue on for much longer than his reality TV show did. And equally as exciting.