Yeah, yeah, we know.

You had Oscar Pereiro in the office Tour de France pool until you watched the OLN Tour Preview show and Bob Roll convinced you to change it to Floyd Landis. Right, and you had Carlos Sastre on the podium too until your buddy Joao from Portugal got you thinking that Jose Azevedo had this one dialed in. And you've always been a huge Cyril Dessel fan, but you thought he was still a year or two away from going big time; this was going to be finally going to be Georgie Hincapie's year.

Sure you did. We guarantee that nobody had Pereiro, Sastre, and Andreas Kloden in the top three (well, maybe Kloden) before the Tour started.

The Tour is a long way from over, including another brutal mountain stage today and the final differentiating time trial, but some things are now certain. One of those certainties is that after completely cracking in Stage 16 yesterday, Floyd Landis will not be the winner of this year's Tour de France. Another certainty is that the Tour is more wide open than it's been in years.

Mickael Rasmussen flashing his Jesus Christ pose -- Reuters.