You astute readers have probably deduced that something's afoot at the 'Fist, what with all these newfangled layouts and buttons and whatnot -- along with some weird problems with comments and post uploading today. Or maybe you just thought no one was writing and no one was commenting this morning, which is certainly just as legitimate a conclusion to draw.

So just to let you know, the Gothamist powers that be are in the middle of implementing a new upgrade of our software and systems stuff, which ideally should be invisible to you except for fun new features like "recommend it" (click on the button and boost your favorite poster's best work!) and the "contribute" box (post tips or link to us through either flickr or

However, alas, invisibility's not always the case -- so if you see anything that looks off in the next few days, let us know (either by email or in the comments, if they're working -- as of now, they should be) so we can make the Gothamist tech editor's life even harder than it already is.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for bearing with us through the upgrade. Wow, we're just like MUNI now!