So naturally, we went to Belden Place. Why not? We were rooting for les Bleus and the idea of being surrounded by people screaming "Sacre Bleu" or "Zizou!" with non-ironic French accents warmed the cockles of our heart. And we got what we wanted, other than a French victory, of course. The alley way was jam packed with people, we heard smattering of French and Italian everywhere, and we even got to hear people sing "La Marseillaise." If only it were WWII and in black & white, it would have been just like Casablanca.

Pictured-- Frenchies celebrating Zidane's penalty shot.
Not pictured-- Frenchies gobsmacked by the Head Butt Heard 'Round the World. We think the French commentators said it best: "mais pourquoi, pourquoi?"

More pictures after the break, as well as why we think this World Cup finally got Soccer Fever started: