-Smoke (tobacco, that is).
-Put left-over food in a Styrofoam container
-Go shopping with plastic bags
-Stop somebody from taking a dump on the street

And now we can add another thing to the list-- no more "private dancing" in private booths at strip clubs. All of this thanks to the Commission on the Status of Women who went and gone did it and passed a bill banning private booths. The decision is now up to the Board of Supervisors who have the final say on this as we guess the Commission on the Status of Drunk, Horny Frat Boys were too hungover to weigh in on the subject. And if there's anything out there that deserves to be put on a ballot and voted on we say it's this. We mean, wouldn't the campaign commercials (usually probably airing at like 1 in the morning) be awesome? "Biff's buddies wanted to get him a special lap dance for his bachelor party, but thanks to a bunch of freedom-loving Feminazis, he was unable to. Because of them, he had to have his bachelor party at Chuck E. Cheese...."

The commission claims they have been studying the issue over the past couple of years (thanks for the invite) and have decided to ban it due to claims women were forced into doing things they didn't want to do. If the ban passes, strip clubs will have to renew a permit every year and pass the "no private booth" test. We would wonder why it is that it's bad for women to do private dances in private booths, but okay for Crack hos to service Johns for $15 a pop in the Tenderloin. Or, as a commenter pointed out, what about all the poor exploited gay boys working in strip clubs? Or how could it be explotation if the dancers could always, you know, think of other career options. But we won't.

We'll also leave somebody else to pen the essay about how we've gone from the Carol Doda, the Summer of Love, and the Mitchell Brothers to private booth bands as we're going to do some research on our own.