And so the question is raised, why DiFi, why? In her speech to her fellow Senators, DiFi put up that famous picture of marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima and talked about all the warm fuzzies she got when she first saw the picture. Calling it more than a symbol, she said that "freedom of speech enshrined in the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our great nation...but any thought expressed in the burning of the flag can be expressed equally well in another manner." Like wearing it on TRL Live? And couldn't we then start arguing that other components of freedom of speech that some people dislike, like protesting or downloading internet porn, could also be done in "another manner" and if so, could somebody let us know what it would be for internet porn?

The problem with Diane doing all this is that it gave this political stunt the "bipartisan" tag even though most Democrats cowered in a corner the moment the thing started being debated. It also merely enables the Republicans to do more stuff like this because there will always be someone like DiFi to say, "well, gee, that's not a bad idea."

Thanks, Diane.