Last week on "How to Get the Guy," four very single women "got in the game," with the help of their "love coaches." Kris found out she's a giant lush, and needs to lay off the booze if she wants to find Mr. Right. Alissa learned she needs to start dating guys who wear shoes. Michelle needs to start saying yes to a lot more guys, and stop dating her brother. And finally, Anne "dropped her hankie," showed her teeth, got a date, and swapped spit with Dennis. Dennis!

"How to Get the Guy," week two!

Hoo boy.

The love coaches are standing on a vista that looks to be on or near Twin Peaks. They are talking about the early stages of dating, and how high expectations can ruin you. Great. They're already telling the girls to lower their expectations. Did they not see the guys that showed up for the speed dating gig? Can expectations get any lower than that?

Don't. Stop. Thinkin' about tomorrow. Don't. Stop. It'll soon be here.