Actually, the Mayor has a plan. See, the key isn't necessarily to pass muster with the US Olympic Committee, but the International Olympic Committee since they are the one's who have the final say. And what would be the best way to charm a bunch of sclerotic, half-corrupt, European non-governmental organizational bureaucrats? Flash our liberal street-cred for all to see.

See, the Mayor's plan is to go down there and play up our "greeness" as it were. The IOC actually calls in its charter to promote ecoprotection and the environment and what city is more down with ecoprotection and the environment than SF? Well, Portland and Seattle. And Chicago's been doing a damn good job lately. And then there's the whole Carless Saturday thing that has a lot people in full froth mode.

But that's not all. We heard the Mayor this morning on the Alice radio show while flipping through the channels on our way to work. The Mayor, who was on the show to proclaim today Alice Radio Day (woo-hoo! We're totally rocking out to Sarah McLachlan as we write this in honor of it. And yes, doesn't Gavin totally seem like the type who would listen to Alice? We just don't see Gavin cruising down the streets, easing the seat back, and cranking the Bone as they play a little VH). Anyways, on the show, Gavin said that they were also going to humbly and subtly hint that the IOC would love us because unlike, say, Houston, we are totally Blue. Yes, Gavin's point is that right now, San Francisco is one of the few American cities that doesn't cause everyone else in the world to gnash their teeth and start in with the "Death to America! Death to America!" chanting.

Hey, it's about time all of our self-righteousness smugness pays off for something.