The music he wrote is actually the opposite of the work he conducted the night before: it is pretty minimalist, with very simple melodic lines, underscored with a few bass notes here and there and some percussive boings and quinks here and there, all of it with that MIDI sound quality of 80s synthesizers. "That's what this piece is about," did he mumble before he ran away, when we noted the economy of style as compared to the night before. We did not mean it in a bad way!

Joe Goode's performance fits the music, however. The set-up is pretty economical too, with a bare stage, except for two screens and two video cameras facing two chairs. Dancers move in the wide empty space in between, while one of them, miked up, shares intimate details with us while sitting on the chair. Intimate details about aging alone and relationships, about sexual fantasies, displayed for us in a humorous tone.

Photo credit RJ Muna, of a previous Joe Goode Performance Group show