We've always wanted to be mischaracterized in a bullying fashion by the Chron's Pink Pages writer Aidin Vaziri! So Vaziri, on the SFGate's Culture Blog, pokes some gentle fun at us for posting the picture that all our astute commenters agreed was Photoshopped, of a purported Phil Lesh fan falling off the Warfield balcony.

But what we don't get is that Aidin says no one actually fell off the balcony at all and that we here at SFist made the whole thing up. Dude, Aidin, do you not read your own paper? Leah Garchik reported on it in The In Crowd last week!

(Also, Aidin has mixed up our beloved Yvesdropping feature, which features items that were by readers, with actual eyewitness accounts of the guy falling off the balcony, but we'll chalk that up to Aidin not actually doing any research before posting his post. Not that we would ever do anything like that ourselves, of course.)

Photoshopped picture! The b/w photo is what you get when you search Google Images for Aidin Vaziri; let's just assume it's him for the purposes of a cheap laugh, okay?