They came in peace, they asked to be taken to our leader -- and it looks like our leader is online casino

Remember that awesome picture of the duck with the alien inside? SOLD! to the collectors of awesome Internet marginalia for $9600 on EBay, all to benefit the International Bird Rescue Research Center.'s last Bay Area purchase was Jerry Garcia's toilet (subsequently stolen before delivery). Other recent GoldenPalace happenings include their purchase of a ukulele signed by Warren Buffett, the UK tour of Pope Benedict XVI's 1999 VW Golf, and their successful $52.25 bid for advertising space on the t-shirt of a woman with double-D breasts. (Commenter Matt, we're looking forward to seeing what you come up with in response to this.)

Sorry if your bid on the X-ray didn't win, folks (or your bid on the t-shirt ad, for that matter) -- but as a consolation prize, you can still buy CafePress alien-duck shirts, hats, and onesies.